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Welcome to Yeti Imports Company website. This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Yeti Imports Company. We are very thankful for your patronage throughout the 30 years doing business with us.


We are a direct Importer and wholesaler of Nepalese jewelry, Tibetan jewelry, Tibetan arts and handicrafts, and religious artifacts.
Ashtamangala - Chattra
Ashtamangala - Dhvaja
Ashtamangala - Sankha
Ashtamangala - Shrivasta
Ashtamangala - Dharmachakra
Ashtamangala - Kalasha
Ashtamangala - Matsyayugma
Ashtamangala - Padma
Yeti Imports Company is a wholesaler specializing in high quality silver Nepalese jewelry as well as arts and handicrafts from the Himalayan regions. Our own Nepalese production crews in Nepal are well paid and work in a safe and clean environment. They are instructed to take their time in the production to achieve the best quality possible. The jewelry is completely handmade, never cast, and is the best of Nepalese jewelry. We take great pride in all the steps of making our jewelry from stone selection to final detailing of each piece.