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Welcome to Yeti Imports Company website. This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Yeti Imports Company. We are very thankful for your patronage throughout the 30 years doing business with us.

Ordering Information 

Please read our ordering information below for terms and policies before ordering

Ordering Information

It is advisable that you read through our ordering policy below before you place an order with us. If you have any questions or concerns about ordering, please feel free to contact us.

All items are handmade in Nepal by Nepalese and Tibetan artists and artisans. The silver jewelry is at least sterling silver. All stones available are natural (i.e. not man-made, dyed, or reconstituted) with the exception of tiny turquoise cabochons which may be reconstituted. Items shown on this website portray the basic design. do not expect exact duplication of items depicted. Stones shown in one style are generally available in all others unless noted. When ordering please give your preference for stones in each item and whether we may substitute stones; we will be happy to inform you of what stones are available in any particular design at the time of your order.

Volume Discounts

The following table depicts our volume discounts

Order Amount Discount (%)
$2,000.00 +  

Discounts apply to the amount purchased, not the amount ordered nor to accumulated purchases.

Resale Certificate

We must have a copy of your retail certificate on file before we can process your order.  Please fax or mail us the copy if we do not already have one.


All purchases are sent by prepayment only.  We do not extend open billing; however we do accept VISA, MASTER CARD, and DISCOVER (NOVUS) credit cards. 


All purchases will be sent by USPS first class shipping unless instructed otherwise.  There are no additional packaging or handling charges beyond the carrier's charges except in unusual circumstances. Free shipping promotions are sent by USPS first class shipping, choosing alternate shipping methods may entail a charge.

Return Policy

All returns must be made within two weeks of the date shipped. We always endeavor to select the best pieces available at the time of your order and will carefully check each piece for flaws; please remember these items are handmade and minor imperfections are normal. You may return any items you find unsatisfactory even if only a matter of personal taste.

If a volume discount is given for amount purchased and items returned caused that total to fall below the amount for which discount was received, the final invoice will be adjusted for the change in volume discount applied to the purchase. For example: if the amount purchased was $1,000.00 and received 30% volume discount the final total would be $700.00. If the customer returns $200.00 at pre-discount prices the amount of purchase would be adjusted as $800.00 with a 25% volume discount leaving final total as $600.00. So instead of receiving $140.00 for the returns ($200.00 less 30%) the amount would be $100.00 (having paid $700.00 for an adjusted final total of $600.00)

If you wish to return items, you must first call us to receive authorization for the return. We do not accept unauthorized returns. Items must be returned in the condition in which they were received, including our labels with code numbers and prices. If they are not returned within two weeks of the date shipped, they are presumed received in good condition and any damage occurred after you received the goods. Therefore please inspect each item carefully upon receipt. Return are for credit only.

Order Processing
We try to process all orders as quickly as possible allowing for careful attention to every order. Still you should allow up to two weeks after placing an order before the goods will be shipped.

Prices and terms of sale may be altered at any time at our discretion and without notice.

We are always aware that our success is due to our customers being successful with our products and our service. Every customer is important to us! Feel free to inform us how we may best assist your business in particular within the above noted terms of sale.